TriaGnoSys Products

TriaGnoSys’ provides the technology for inflight connectivity and the wireless distribution of inflight entertainment content, for airlines and private aircraft.

The TriaGnoSys product family manages all aspects of connectivity to and from public networks, enabling mobile phone and PDA connectivity, Internet connectivity and data streaming.
All our products are designed to work together as a complete system, and in combination with the Zodiac inflight entertainment. They are also flexible enough to be used as modules in other systems, either to add services or to increase efficiency.

Everything we do centres around the RAVE concept: reliable, affordable and very easy.

RAVE Broadband - Inflight Wi-Fi hotspot

 For the passenger


  • reliable and easy broadband hotspot
  • use your own phone, tablet or laptop
  • surf the Internet, update social media, book your hotel
  • carry on working during the flight
  • pair your screen with RAVE Centric IFE for true dual-screen operation


For the airline


  • integrated with RAVE Wireless and RAVE Cellular in one cost effective, small 15kg unit
  • provides crew connectivity
  • connected crew tablets for CRM
  • inflight maintenance reporting to improve airline operational efficiency


RAVE Cellular - Inflight cell phone network


  • use your cell phone just as you do on the ground
  • email, social media, SMS, newspapers and books, voicemail and calls
  • like international roaming, costs are included in your normal cell phone bills
  • flight attendants can disable the voice element at any time




RAVE Wireless - Wireless streaming to your own device

For the passenger


  • watch movies, TV shows, music , radio and the moving map on your phone, tablet or laptop
  • combines with RAVE Broadband to provide a live news ticker throughout the flight
  • includes onboard shopping, newspapers and games
  • pair with RAVE Centric IFE to choose exactly what you want to watch, when and how


For the airline 


  • integrated with RAVE Broadband and RAVE Cellular in one cost effective, small 4 kg unit
  • ancillary revenue opportunities though duty-free, advertising and additional services
  • fast and easy content upload
  • remote crew control panel