PLANET-2 - Providing in-flight weather services and observations to and from business and regional aircraft

TriaGnoSys provides the avionics hardware platform based on its AeroBTS+ for providing business and regional aviation with in-flight information updates on weather conditions and hazards.
The PLANET-2 system further provides in-flight reporting of dangerous encountered weather conditions via the delivery of digital PIREPs (pilot reports) to other aircrafts, and other non-meteorological services such as in-flight messaging or monitoring.

The PLANET2 system implements the following main features:
Before the flight, a complete weather briefing (e.g. significant weather and wind aloft charts of destination aerodrome), can be accessed via terrestrial networks (LTE, 3G, or GPRS, depending on availability).
During the flight the following data will be received and transmitted at regular intervals by the aircraft via satellite communication means (e.g. via the built-in Iridium modem or an external satellite modem):

  • Updates of destination aerodrome weather conditions, weather hazards objects (Convection Nowcast) and PIREPS (Pilot Reports),
  • Tracking of aircraft location, air temperature and pressure data.

During the descent phase, air pressure and temperature will be sampled at a faster rate and compiled in a descent profile observation report that will be sent through terrestrial networks just after landing.
The PLANET-2 avionics hardware (current version is not qualified and certified) is based on TriaGnoSys’ AeroBTS+.

Data Interfaces 2 x ARINC 429 RX/TX, configurable,
4 x 100 Mbps Ethernet,
3 x discrete input,
3 x discrete output,
Wifi access point (802.11 a/b/g/n)
Communication Interfaces

Iridium: voice, SMS, Circuit Switched Data and RUDICS, SBD message size 1960 Byte and 1890 Byte

Cellular: GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSPA+ (7.2 Mbps receive, 5.76 Mbps transmit)
Power Supply 28 VDC nominal,
1A typical, 2.5A peak
Mechanical Design

343 x 325 x 60 (WxDxH in mm)

4.5 kg
Specifications of the current PLANET-2 avionics hardware

Because of the successful laboratory and flight tests (on a light aircraft) performed in the first half of 2013, ESA has granted a Contract Change Notice, which includes development of a fully qualified and ETSO certified version of the TriaGnoSys avionics hardware. The new version of the hardware will be built and certified before end of 2013 (note that the specifications may be different from above; without built-in Iridium modem, with built-in LTE modem). For more details including specifications contact Dr. Axel Jahn (

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PLANET-2 consortium:
ATMOSPHERE France (coordinator)
Institute of Atmospheric Physics of DLR (German Aerospace Research Center)

Project developed in ESA ARTES 3-4: Telecom - Satcom Application Framework (ESA ITT AO/1-5891/08/NL/AD)
Duration: 21 months (Jan. 2012 – Sept. 2013)

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