Aerial Base Stations with Opportunistic Links for Unexpected & Temporary Events

ABSOLUTE investigates and validates a heterogeneous network architecture combining airborne terrestrial and satellite communications links. It provides rapidly deployable, resilient and flexible mobile networks for broadband applications during large scale emergency recovery or temporary events.

The ABSOLUTE project will design and validate an innovative rapidly deployable future network architecture which is resilient and capable of providing broadband multi-service, secure and dependable connectivity for large coverage areas affected by large scale unexpected events (or disasters) leading to the partial or complete unavailability of the terrestrial communication infrastructure or for temporary events leading to the demand for very high throughput and augmented network capacity. The project will demonstrate the high capacity, low-latency and coverage capabilities of LTE-A (Long Term Evolution - Advanced) solutions adapted for broadband emergency communications within disaster relief scenarios through flexible 4G base stations embedded on aerial platforms and terrestrial portable units.

The ultimate goal in ABSOLUTE is to provide reference implementations for interoperable and backward compatible solution, and relevant regulatory and standardization efforts, enabling quick adoption of 4G communication technologies to remarkably improve the disaster recovery and crisis management preparedness of all relevant public safety and security stakeholders in Europe and worldwide.

The functional elements and the respective network architecture enhancements will be based on the user/stakeholder requirements analysis and will also be based on the European positioning for Broadband spectrum strategy for public safety and technology evolution with standardization feedback for the harmonization of PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) and broadband PPDR services. The design and development of the standalone and autonomous 4G eNodeBs in ABSOLUTE will clearly have an impact for the public safety communications landscape and in particular towards faster adoption and maturity of LTE-A based systems for mission critical deployments.