Advanced Cockpit for Reduction of StreSs and Workload

TriaGnoSys is using its aeronautical communications expertise to help design an Advanced Cockpit for Reduction of Stress and Workload (ACROSS). ACROSS is an EU funded research project developing new cockpit solutions to both manage and reduce aircrew operations.

Pilots are prized for their ability to deal with high workloads. However, air crash studies have shown that times of high stress or a depleted crew can lead to potentially fatal errors.

ACROSS will develop, integrate and test new cockpit solutions to help manage peak workload during a flight, in order to reduce stress and therefore the risk of accidents. ACROSS will also work towards solutions that will allow reduced crew operations in a limited number of well-defined conditions, such as long-haul flights or a crew member becoming incapacitated.

These innovative solutions will be assessed technically and operationally by pilots and other experts with a view to it becoming a long-term answer for aviation operations. Finally, ACROSS will identify the remaining open issues for the implementation of potential single pilot operations.

TriaGnoSys’ avionics specialists have been called upon to lead the research stages that develop the dedicated air-to-ground communication infrastructure. TriaGnoSys’ recent developments for the successful EU-funded research project SANDRA (Seamless Aeronautical Networking through integration of Data links, Radios, and Antennas) and of the AeroBTS+ platform marked a leap forward in aviation communication technology that will make this research possible.

ACROSS WP7 – Communicate, lead by TriaGnoSys, will develop a laboratory assessment platform to prove the validity of the air-ground communication technologies in the context of peak workload reduction and safe operation with reduced crew configuration.



AIRBUS A350 Cockpit (source & copyright: Airbus S.A.S.)

ACROSS consortium:
The ACROSS project is managed by Thales Avionics, and the other partners are: EADS Innovation Works, Selex ES, Airbus, Boeing, Dassault Aviation, BAE Systems, Continental, Diehl Aerospace, Isdefe, EAB, Jeppesen, Zodiac Aerospace, TAI, GNV, DLR, NLR, Trinity College Dublin, Warsaw University of Technology, The University of Malta, Technische Universität Braunschweig, TU Delft, Deep Blue Consulting, Certiflyer, TriaGnoSys, Stirling Dynamics, Use2Aces, Tony Henly Consulting, GTD..

Funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission, FP7 Grant Agreement no: 314501

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